Juice Without a Juicer: Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice

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By now I’m sure you’ve heard all the cool kids are juicing.Joy the Baker does it. Shutterbean does it. And so does Edible Perspective. Pretty much all my favorite blogging buddies. Although I don’t have a juicer myself, I’d still like to think I’m a cool kid, too.

Juicing is basically a quick way to get loads of nutrients into your body at once. Hooray for health! The catch, though, is that the juicing mechanisms themselves can be super pricey and take up a lot of room in your kitchen. Because we try to keep our kitchen equipment to a minimum, both for space and cost purposes, I don’t see us investing in a juicer any time soon. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy fresh juice in the meantime.

To make this super tasty apple, beet, carrot, ginger juice, I simply blended it all up in a blender and then pressed it through a fine mesh strainer until I got all of the juice out. Then, I discarded the pulp and enjoyed my juicy juice.

This may sound like a bit of work, but it’s really quite simple. It doesn’t take much more effort than it does to rinse say quinoa or fresh fruit. Plus, not buying a juicer saves you money and a bit of space in your kitchen. Not to mention, I hear juicers are a headache to clean after using. See? Things are working out for us already.

This juice is slightly sweet and perfectly balanced, with some serious kick from the ginger. If you’re not a ginger person I’d recommend either scaling it back or omitting it altogether. I, however, enjoy ginger both for its zing and health benefits, so I used a good amount. But play with the ingredients to get a taste you prefer; that’s part of the fun anyway.

Besides being delicious, this juice is also incredibly healthy with Vitamins A, K and beta carotene from the carrots, vitamin C and polyphenols from the apples, antioxidants and folate from the beets, and anti-inflammatory benefits from the ginger (among others). Some of the nutrients remain in the pulp, but all in all it’s a super healthy beverage that’s much better and fresher than store bought.

This was my first try and I intend to experiment with more flavors. Have any suggestions? I’d love to know.

Apple Carrot Beet Ginger Juice

A simple recipe for making juice without a juicer. Plenty of health benefits and a delicious flavor come from carrots, apple, beets, and ginger.
Author Minimalist Baker
4.47 from 54 votes
Prep Time 10minutes
Total Time 10minutes
Servings 1
Course Beverage
Cuisine Gluten-Free, Vegan
Freezer Friendly No
Does it keep? 1-2 Days


  • 1mediumbeet(rinsed, lightly peeled and quartered)
  • 1mediumapple(peeled, cored and quartered)
  • 1Tbspsize piece of fresh ginger (skin removed)
  • 3wholecarrots(rinsed and peeled)
  • Unfiltered apple juice(optional)


  • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, adding a splash of apple juice if needed to get it moving. I probably added about 1/4 cup (amount as original recipe is written).
  • Then, place a fine mesh strainer over a large bowl and pour the juice over. Use a rubber spatula to press the pulp down and squeeze all of the juice out. Let stand for 5 minutes so you get most of the juice.
  • Discard pulp and pour your juice into a serving glass. Drink immediately or chill for a bit. Will keep in the fridge for a day or so, but will taste best when fresh.


*Nutrition information is a rough estimate.

Nutrition (1 of 1 servings)

Serving: 1gCalories: 259Carbohydrates: 63gProtein: 3gFat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 209mgFiber: 6gSugar: 41g

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  1. Nicolesays

    I’m always tempted to buy a juicer but using a food processor and cheese cloth to strain the juice work just fine!

  2. Katharine Romstadsays

    What about the high carbohydrates and sugars is there a limit to how much you should have until it’s no good for you?

    • Support @ Minimalist Bakersays

      Hi Katharine, that’s going to be individual by the person! We’d suggest checking with your doctor.

  3. Randy DeVriessays

    I use a pestle in the fine wire mesh for added power with less effort.

  4. Angiesays

    I used carrot juice from costco and mix other ingredients. I also added Aloe Vera fresh. It is good. I have been taking it for last few months now.

  5. Yurikosays

    I just mixed the pulp into my savory quinoa bowl. This adds flavor so you can go low on seasoning. Healthy on multiple fronts!

  6. Alice G.says

    My morning drink consists of 5 carrots, 1 large apple, 3 inch slice of ginger, Half a lime and half a beet thru my juicer ( simple Mr. Juiceman purchased in 2004 for $100 – still going strong!🤞)
    I pour juice into blender, add one banana & 2 oz of water.
    Blend on high for a minute and pour thru strainer. 24 ounces of goodness!!

  7. Rebecca Petricksays

    I love this. I did have a few strawberries that made it in. The beets and carrots very very good together.

  8. Suesays

    I use a vitamix and I drink it pulp and all. Is there a reason nutritionally to strain it? Love your recipes!

      • Evesays

        Don’t throw out the pulp – it’s probably the healthiest part of the drink and helps cut down on all the sugar the straight juice shoots into your system. Also, you want to have the good fiber that juice alone doesn’t provide.

  9. Jibiya Joysays

    It took a bit time, but after blend it was smooth and delicious….now its like a daily routine for us…thanks to you!

  10. Sana'asays

    I add lemon, cucumber and raw turmeric root to mine as well and call it my daily energy shot. I’m glad for my juicer though… It’s just so quick!

  11. Philsays

    I recently bought a masticating slow juicer and love making this juice with it. My juicer cost less than $100. You can use the pulp for many things

  12. Amysays

    Thank you for sharing…. can one add one clove of garlic perhaps to this juice. ABC juice with some ginger and garlic?

    • Support @ Minimalist Bakersays

      That could add an interesting kick- will probably depend on your taste preferences whether you enjoy it! Let us know if you give it a try!

  13. Erinsays

    Loved it! I was generous with the ginger and added a full squeezed lemon instead of apple juice. Will make again! I used the pulp to make the fudgy double chocolate brownies on your site-yum!

  14. Jessicasays

    I made this but didn’t have a cloth to strain I used a paper towel it gave me a good amount of juice but I need to find something else to strain

  15. Stephensays

    Dana, as with most juice recipes, the recommendation is to throw out the leftover meal but this is where so much of the nutrients reside. I also do not peal my apples if they are organic for the same reason. Take the “meal” of the juice and mix with ground flax seed and season, spread on a dehydrator plate and make “beet juice crackers.” I agree that the need for a juicer is a luxury and a good blender does just as well. If you don’t mind a chucky juice, you don’t need to strain but I know this is difficult for most people.

  16. Joni Parentsays

    Loved it, but instead of the apple juice, I substituted with juice from fresh limes (1/4 c). It was delicious. I’ll try lemons next. Thank you!!!

  17. camilliasays

    it’s delicious but time-consuming. do you think cheesecloth would work here to speed up the process?

    • Support @ Minimalist Bakersays

      Hi Camillia, we think I cheesecloth would yield a more pulpy consistency, but it might work! A nut milk bag might be another option.

      • Angiesays

        If we use carrot juice ready maid of homemade we do not need to strain or anything. Just grind it and it comes out very good. I also use pomegranate juice and Aloe Vera fresh too.

    • Support @ Minimalist Bakersays

      We haven’t tried that, but think it might work! If you give it a try, we would love to hear how it goes!

  18. Pamelasays

    The flavor was good, but the consistency was way too thick. Even after adding about 3/4 c. of liquid, it looked like baby food puree. It was so thick and never gave me much juice. I used all fresh, organic fruit and veggies. I loved the idea but it didn’t work for me.

  19. Cherylsays

    This is my third time making this juice and it is delicious ? I did exactly as you stated in your recipe. The ginger is a bit strong but I love it anyway. Thank you for sharing

  20. Kellsays

    Hi, made this this morning – I think it will be really good when I reduce the GINGER next time… it really dominates, maybe I added too much and I’m a skeptical ginger admirer. But I’m drinking it anyway! I am new to juicing and excited to hopefully drop a few (!) pounds before summer. I used my Vitamix and strained in a nut bag, which works but -uh — use plastic gloves unless you want your hands pinkish for a while. : ) I have ordered a Breville juicer used on Ebay, so we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for the recipe.

  21. SOFIA SMITHsays

    I make a big jug of this every Sunday adjusting or omitting ingredients. I always keep my beets and carrots tho. I used sometimes battle lemon or lime. My kids loves the pure carrot juice. In addition I started making this regularly because my blood pressure was sky high. Now I am off my medication about 3 months now. And it doesn’t have to be every day.

  22. Katherinesays

    I wonder why you can’t freeze this? I freeze carrots shredded for carrot muffins and beets. Any reason? Making this today but drinking pulp and all ❤️

  23. dawnsays

    I just found your recipe and cannot wait to try it.
    Because of health issues I can only have fresh raw veggies if I
    first soak them in a baking soda solution. The best way to eliminate
    any pesticides or bacteria I am told.
    You asked what else might be added. Try Aloe Vera plant. Very healthy.

  24. Trey Tatissays

    Running a lemon back and forth against a zester can create a blizzard of zest and spray. Instead, drag the zester across the rind, following the curve, as if you’re shaving the lemon. The zest will collect neatly on the underside. When a recipe calls for zest and juice, zest first; squeezed fruits lose shape and are hard to grate.

  25. zulsays

    The ABC ( apple,beet, carrot )+ ginger juice is the best from a juicer. So fresh and delicious. Great for nutrition specially for cancer patients/survivors. Its worth every bit so washing the juicer is not even a question for what you get out of it . My wife has been drinking it for years being a cancer survivor

  26. Upali Herathsays

    I have been doing this for so many years and enjoying the good results am experiencing and always try different veg and fruits to make smoothies, it so wonderful to stay healthy in life and orange, ginger, apple, and turmeric, smoothie is my favourite and that’s gives me the energy to work without any problem all day and everyday,

  27. Noreensays

    There’s an easier way to strain…. 1kg peanut butter jar, a knee high nylon and an elastic band …..
    a large mouth jar/container with a nylon (I used a knee high) hung inside and brought up over the rim and put an elastic around it to keep it from being dragged into the container.
    Pour the contents of the blender in, (this is where you will be glad you put the elastic around the rim LOL) take the elastic off and pull the nylon out and “milk” it into the container.
    Much easier and more efficient. When the juice is all squeezed out, turn the nylon inside out and discard the pulp, rinse and re-use.
    Make sure you use a large mouth jar/container because when you go to pull the nylon out to ‘milk’ it, if the mouth is smaller than the jar/container, you’ll never get the full nylon out (I learned that right off the bat LOL)
    I found a 1kg peanut butter jar works best.

  28. Chong Collettesays

    I like to response about Rash’s comments. Why not drink whole thing instead made juice out of it?


  29. Angiesays

    I made this recipe with my juicer, love it! Very refreshing and helps me get my daily vitamins. If you buy a quality juicer, clean up is simple and waste is placed into a separate external container. Definitely worth the investment!

  30. Patricia Masiussays

    I love you creativity and they happy and inspiring way your write!!!! And I love your photo’s!!! Great recipies and lots of fun!
    Thank you :-)
    Keep up the happy work ;-)

    Have a great day

  31. Tomsays

    Ha. ven’t done this yet but am on my way today. Beets and the water they are steamed in are suppose to be excellent for constipation, icky, I know, but if you have it you want something and especially wanting to stay away from Big Pharma, poisonous chemicals our elustrious FDA approves despite all the harm coming from them. My concern is all the fiber that is being tossed out. I am curious as to what one can use the fiber parts for. Since it has also carrot, ginger and apple I am guessing this could be saved, frozen into a 1/4 cup packets and put into soups or other fluid type recepies.
    For constipation resolution the fiber being pitched would be critical mistake. Let us save the refuse and use it.

      • Cherylsays

        Since I don’t have a dehydrator, I found a recipe online to bake crackers from the pulp! Thanks for the idea!

      • Mary-Elise Haugsays

        i dont strain it. i do drink from a straw. after blending i throw in some crushed ice and mix for 15 more secons, which cools it down and thins it out a bit.

  32. Meghansays

    Would this freeze well? I’ve been looking into the health benefits of beet and carrot juice and want to try drinking this a few times a week. With the straining involved it’d be more feasible to make a big batch and freeze it for later.

    • Support @ Minimalist Bakersays

      You could freeze it into ice-cube trays and then blend with some water when ready to drink and I think that would work!

  33. AT Dodsonsays

    I came back from Cuba recently and brought back a water bug, so I wanted to preface this with my stomach has been a little finicky…

    I made exactly as stated, didn’t have apple juice so used watermelon, and a bit of water.
    Around 20 minutes after I drank half a glass, it came out both ends, color of beets, so was scared if the end down south was blood. Maybe it’s too rich for some people, or the fiber? which I eat salads everyday, or if it was the first think I put in my belly- just cautioning that I thought I was literally dying until I got it out of my system. 10 minutes after I cleaned myself up, feel completely fine.

    It tastes really good, but it may be too strong for sensitive bellies.

  34. Mariasays

    What an awesome recipe! The 41 gm of sugar (wowza!) prompted me to dilute this, so I used some unsweetened Hibiscus iced tea I had brewed up and tossed it in the blender. This made more like 3-4 servings. And, it also makes the blending process a little easier. And, being hibiscus tea it maintained the beautiful red hue. Love this, it will be on constant rotation.

  35. Marcussays

    My daughter made a beet and carrot smoothie for me , it was very good. I have a ninja bullet, would I be able to use it for the hard vegs. Or should I steem them first? Am anxious to try for myself. Thanks Marcus ….

  36. Victoriasays

    Why are you discarding the pulp? You could makes a great relish or even a vegan burger. I would use it in baking.

  37. Gary LAsays

    Love your website and highly commend your minimalist kitchen approach which I quite enjoy too as well but recommend you NOT discard your valuable nutritious pulps but re-use re-incorporate them into your later stove or oven cooked dishes or even salad dressings providing a lot of additional nutrition body flavor and texture and healthy fiber roughage for the human body as well. Just a thought and Best Wishes!!!!

  38. Rashsays

    Hi, I made this drink, but somehow din’t felt like throwing away the pulp, so instead tried drinking it as a whole. Took lil effort, but could manage drinking.

    Is it good?? or we discarding the pulp has some logic behind??

  39. Joella, retired, Australiasays

    The only problem with this method of “juicing” is that the centrifugal blender destroys the enzymes that a good juicer would preserve, therefore the juice would not contain the nutrients and enzymes available to a cancer person, for example.

  40. Kevinsays

    Hi please tell me if a beet cut in 4 Will work in any blender.Im going to buy a mixer grinder because reviews said That the motor have Much more power than blenders.Meanwhile can i make This Juice in a normal blender without any liquide?Thanx

  41. Teresasays

    This is very good. I add cold water to thin a little didn’t think of apple juice!
    I drink it pulp and all. Can’t say I’ve noticed how it helps but it’s gotta be good.

  42. bluerosesays

    There is another way to juice hard vegetables (Carrots, Celery, Red Beets, Red Cabbage).
    Best way to take most of the soft fruits and vegetables is just eat it.
    It works but is very time consuming.
    I Use:
    Oster® 3-Cup Mini Food Chopper Black Walmart $19.94
    Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function Blender, Black Wal-Mart $26.85
    Cheesecloth $2
    Chop the vegetables by hand up to I inch.
    Feed to 3-Cup Mini Food Chopper.
    Blend on medium until the ingredients are well pulverized. Add water as needed.
    Then, place a fine mesh strainer over a large bowl and pour the juice over. Use a spoon to press the pulp down, and finally transfer the pulp in a cheesecloth, and squeeze as much liquid out of the cheesecloth as possible.
    There isn’t perfect juicer, but the best of them is the juicer that you know how to use.
    The best way to take in soft fruits and vegetables is to eat them, unless you have no TEETH.

  43. sam smithsays

    NO, NO, NO!!! Do NOT trash the pulp. Pulp can be used in baking breads/cakes. Use the pulp instead of the carrots in carrot cake and the zucchini in a zucchini bread recipe.

  44. Evie Birchsays

    Yummy! This APPLE CARROT BEET GINGER JUICE is really Great! This looks delicious and I Like it! thanks for share…

  45. Carolsays

    I heard the heat from a blender kills all the enzymes which is why the cold juicer is recommended?

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      That is true from what I’ve, too! This is simply a quick method that doesn’t cost as much as buying a juicer.

    • L.says

      oops! just re-read the recipe! three IS an apple in it! isn’t there some way I can can delete my comment? Thanks !

  46. Harleighsays

    Hi Dana
    Quick question. Do you use your veg for juicing straight from the fridge or is it better to have them at room temp? I only ask as I’ve tried to juice cold carrots and ginger before using a blender and it just turned into a rough pulp with little juice. Thank you.

    • sam smithsays

      My blender requires ONE INCH of liquid in the bottom:
      – water
      – commercially purchased juice
      This recipe suggested unfiltered apple juice.

  47. Christiannsays

    This is so good, Dana!! Per chance to you have any ideas on how to use the remaining pulp? Certainly there must be a way, I just hate to toss it!


  48. Lacemaker427says

    I wondered if this was a typo or just something new:

    1 apple, lighted peeled, cored, quartered

    Lighted? What’s that?

  49. Chiarasays

    This was actually great – I tried a beet-carrot recipe a while ago and was unimpressed. In the previous recipe I cooked the beet and carrot a little before blending, but also threw in waaaaay too much ginger (about an inch of ginger). So this time I went really easy on the ginger, adding only a little at a time so as not to get that overly sharp and bitter taste.

    I blended everything in a vitamix with just 1/4 cup of water and then strained through a nut milk bag (yields about 2 cups of liquid I think). It was a surprisingly sweet drink, tasting just like a fruit juice but with a fresher, slightly earthy taste (which I liked), so I’m glad I didn’t use any juice (all I needed was a rather large Pink Lady apple).


  50. Nella Bellasays

    i was struggling drinking (eating) the pulp. very good idea straining it. don´t laugh, but i only had handy one pair of pantyhose socks….worked wonderfully….and it was so much better and easier to drink…i fully enjoyed it…thank a lot

  51. Janet Rosesays

    I’m already a subscriber with weekly recipes. I accidentally deleted the Detox book sent to me. Is it possible to get another one? Thanks!

  52. Gonzalo Gomezsays

    Hi, I have a question could I stream these ingredients so as to soften them a bit before throwing in my blender,( I have a ninja) so as to not add that much more juice?
    Thank you

    • sam smithsays

      Yes. Steaming does soften the veggies BUT since some of the vitamins and minerals end up in the steamer water do NOT throw out the steamer water, pour it into your blender so those vitamins and minerals end up in your juice.

      Other times when steaming vegetables (not for juice) save the steamer water to add to soups.

      NEVER throw out steamer water, it is full of vitamins and minerals.

  53. Darrinsays


    I’m new to juicing and am just using a plain old blender. Have blended celery and apple and that’s awesome. I eat it all, pulp and all. My questions is, am I being robbed of the nutrients if I don’t strain out pulp (fiber) from juice? I just want to blend it all from leaves of beets to beet itself to celery to its leaves as well.

    • Romainesays

      Ur getting more nutrients with the fiber. It’s healthier to injest the fiber and to get the benefit of the antioxidants injest it all right away

  54. Jeffsays

    I just made this juice using my vitamix and nut milk bag. I used cold filtered water instead of apple juice. Perhaps it would have made it a little sweeter if I had. I think I could have gotten away without the apple juice if I used two apples instead one one. I am thinking adding some lemon next time too.

    I will try it again and experiment a bit more!

  55. Jansays

    Good stuff! Don’t discard the pulp!! Save it (freeze til you need it) and cook into soups, and sauces. Yum and no waste!

  56. Mabel Lefflersays

    I am not much of a meat eater so I like to fix Veggie meals when I can,,,I specially like Veggie Quices I am wondering if I can ue the pulp as a filler in them I will have to try one some night,,,if any one else has done this msg me to let me know if it would work,,,I always have a fridge full of apples, Carrets,Beets, corn, Pears, and when i run out the neigber lady leaves more sitting on my back porch,,,I also scout around for big Dandalion leaves in the summer months for my court keeps killing them out around here,along with th very healthy clover plants,,for the clover flowers are also very healthy for a person and very yummy fixed in with fried greens with a bit of Kale throwed in

  57. Casssays

    Delicious, thank you! I added the juice of half a lime and a teaspoon of honey. I had it as a smoothie rather than a juice as I was feeling lazy, I just blended it very well and added a splash more of water.

  58. Anna Bellesays

    I make fresh juice all the time with just a blender (NutriBullet) and strain it out. Instead of a strainer, I use a long coffee sock that I hold over funnel. I find it’s easier to squeeze all the “juice” portion out. I also just add filtered water and sure to add some lemon (rind included) to keep fresh so I can put in a glass bottle that will last a few days.

    I’ve had a masticating juicer–the kind that are better for vegetables and leafy greens– and I can say this method is far more efficient and easier to clean. I also don’t have the counter space. Juicing might produce more concentration, but personally I enjoy the more watered down versions— helps me get enough H2O throughout the day.

    Also, plus side is I save the pulp to dry later to make “flour” or will put in a bread/pastry.

    • Tiffanysays

      Thank you! This just solved all my “Juicer vs Blender” problems. Been trying to figure out which one to get but I’ve been leaning toward a Nutribullet.

  59. taniasays

    I made the drink once in awhile,but what I did was boiled the beet,carrots together then blend with the same water,I use ginger cinnamon N honey for taste..

  60. Rosa Bankssays

    I use a nut bag to make almond milk. This would work great with the blender juice. I’ll be giving it a try.

  61. Chrissays

    Buy a juicer, please, please, please, buy a juicer.
    Even with the 5 min to clean, start to finish I am done and drinking my juice way before you are done blending. I make something similar for myself every morning before I go to work. IMO, The $100 I spent on the juicer is well worth the time and effort I save, and you get more juice from the juicer.

    Good recipe though, I will have to try this instead of Kale I normally use.

    • juicegalsays

      Agreed! I have a masticating juicer it takes only a few minutes to clean, no soap just warm water. I bought mine used on craigslist.

  62. Zoesays

    I always feel guilty throwing out the pulp. Is there any way it would be possible to put it into a cake or some muffins? I’ve never tried but I tend to avoid juicing too mch mostly because of a) the clean up and b) the wasted pulp. I feel like you could make really yummy carrot muffins with the pulp. I tried to make soup with it once and it was terrible. It was way too starchy and it separated from the broth. Perhaps veggie burgers would work? I don’t know, maybe I’m just being too hard on myself for “wasting” food and the pulp is meant to be discarded.

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      People use pulp in all kinds of creative ways! The best I’ve know is to add it into baked goods, or add it back into other smoothies (not juiced). Hope you find something that works for you!

  63. melissasays

    Don’t know if this was already brought up, but instead of discarding the pulp, where a lot of the nutrients may be hanging out, freeze and add to veggie soup! Bet you couldn’t even tell it’s in there :-)

  64. Gregsays

    Being a minimalist you may appreciate a mason jar trick. Remove the blades and screw part from the bottom of your blender bottle and that should fit perfectly onto the mason jar. Fill jar with whatever, screw the blades and gasket on. flip over place on blender machine. Blend away perfect amount of whatever you want. And simple cleaning.

  65. Joesays

    You are wasting all of the nutrients when you throw away the pulp. Get a Nutri Bullet and liquify that pulp. Easy to clean and use.

    • juicegalsays

      You actually have that backwards, most of the nutrients are in the juice, including soluble fiber. You remove insoluble fiber that slows the digestive process. Juice gives your body a break and allows us to take in more nutrients (via a larger amount of veggies) than is possible otherwise. Obviously smoothies are still good for you its just a different end process or goal.

    • Anna Bellesays

      True with JuiceGal on the fiber being in the “skin/pulp” of the vegetables. I actually do use a NutriBullet though to make my juice– but I have to strain it with a coffee sock since I’m on a Low-Residue Diet and can’t have fiber. But when not on it, I like to keep some of the pulp.

  66. Ilovefoodsays

    Thanks for this recipe. It is a bit like the juice that I buy in Wagamama (a british noodle bar).
    I am using my Vitamix blender to make your beetroot carrot apple juice. I do not bother to peel the veg or to strain the juice. I am just adding a bit more water. so that your recipe makes 2 portions.
    I bought (luckily) a really cheap juicer which worked ok but I hated the cleaning up so it is now in the garage.

  67. Anasays

    I’m trying to get my family (2 girls and Hubby) to start drinking fresh juices… they are all about Ice Tea and Packed Juices. I don’t have a juicer, I use my good old Oster blender and it works perfectly. I’ve tried this Beet, Carrot, Apple and Ginger smoothie. Sometimes I change the apples for fresh orange juice… and I never use a strainer, I enjoy the extra fiber :) One more thing, I like adding a little ice to make lighter

  68. Rhiannonsays

    I pour the juice from the blender into a french press, which makes the process easy to clean up. Great idea to use the spatula though to help get all of the juice out. Thanks!

  69. Shafiqsays

    I’m doing the same thing w/o a juicer and then came across this and felt a lil’ more validated since I’m pretty clueless in the kitchen in general.

    In addition to what you got above, I like to add lemon juice and mint.

  70. Dieniasays

    This recipe looks great, would like to try as a smoothie. Is it ok to leave the pulp in?

    • Fantasticsays

      I think that since this is a ‘juice’ it is a good idea to strain it as described. The solid matter that is left behind contains ( chopped!) fibers and more vitamins ! Though the blender chops the fibers they must still be useful as the fibers needn’t be ‘long’ to the naked eye. As Sneha and others explained , the solid matter could be added to curries and other dishes. Freezing ensures that you can use it ‘later’ and you don’t have to rush to make something else. One other option is to use it with other ingredients to make cutlets or something similar.

  71. Carolinesays

    I bought a juicer years ago, but no longer use it. Instead, I make my smoothies and juices in the blender and drink EVERYTHING. The majority of the benefit of juicing is in the fiber, which is what gives you all of the benefit of the healthy produce. Drinking the totally fiber-less “juice” has some nutritional value, but everything that is being discarded is what makes the drink a “healthy” meal. To me, juices with no pulp or fiber are the equivalent of colored water.

    • juicegalsays

      You actually have that backwards, most of the nutrients are in the juice, including soluble fiber. Store bought juice is different of course because the longer juice sits the more nutrients it loses. What juicing removes is insoluble fiber that slows the digestive process. Fresh home juicing allows one to consume a larger amount of nutrients than would be possible through any other method. That’s not to say smoothies are bad it just depends on your goals. Its very good to give your body a break from digesting, which is why juice fasting has become so popular. Less digesting means more energy goes to detox and healing.

  72. A Dieter’s Best Friend: Jack Lalanne Power Juicersays

    So healthy. Hope i would not mess up upon doing this.

  73. GaiaGoodnessNaturalFoodssays

    This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for this wonderful tip. I was thinking about getting another more expensive juicer since mine is old. I’m also a bit of a germaphobe and I sometimes feel like I’m not quite cleaning my juicer as thoroughly as I’d like. Those things are hard to clean. I will definitely be trying this method.

  74. beachmamasays

    My husband bought an insanely expensive, hard-to-clean juicer about 10 years ago. We used it when I was doing a cleanse (after a melanoma diagnosis) and haven’t used it more than a couple times since. I make green smoothies (and have for 25+ years) but LOVE your juicing without a juicer tip! We’ve been searching for juicers that are easier to clean not considering that this is a decent alternative. The only concern I have about this (and about smoothies) is that blenders and food processors essentially cut and shred the vegetable fibers as opposed to juicers (the good ones) use a masticating auger that doesn’t damage the fiber. This is what I’ve been told and haven’t been able to get a definitive answer. Either way, I notice that regardless of how amazing our juicer is, we’re not using it because it’s a pain in the behind to clean it! Thanks so much!

  75. theresasays

    I have made this before, as well! It is quite yummy. I have a Vitamix, so I don’t bother with straining it….nothing to strain! Anyway, as I was reading these comments, I thought “Hmmm…couldn’t you make some sort of carrot cake recipe with the pulp?” Maybe it would work?

  76. Garrick from Jucing with Gsays

    I just tried juicing 2 green apples + 2 carrots + 2 ribs of celery and it came out pretty good, I only tasted a hint of celery which was masked by the sweetness of apple and carrot.

    I didn’t use a blender though :) but I’ve tried using a blender a few times when my juicer broke and it worked pretty well but it took longer (at least for me) to extract juice using a blender compared to a masticating juicer.

  77. Snehasays

    Phewww… no I made another dish…Potato curry: Heat up some olive oil and add curry leaves and mustard seeds in it. let them pop. Then Sauté carrot and beet root pulp, some finely chopped onions, ginger, garlic in it. Then add potato cubes. Add water (let them cook) and at the end add some canned coconut milk, thicken the mixture as much you want it and boil it for 3 mins. Voila!! You can add some Garam Masala (which you used in making hummus) and red chilli powder if you want to make it spicy!

  78. Snehasays

    Hey Dana,

    I made this juice (sans apples n apple juice) but I added 4-5 basil leaves with beet root and carrots with a hint of ginger!
    It tasted so good. Love the color and the texture after straining it! And I used the pulp to make vegetable korma! Perfect!

  79. Annesays

    What kind of mesh did you use? I really don’t want to buy a juicer unless I can trade in my blender

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      I just use a fine mesh strainer. But actually, you don’t need it. You can just lay a thin dish towel over a large bowl then pour your pulp/juice over, join the corners of the towel, squeeze and twist! The pulp stays in the towel and you get ALL the juice in the bowl.

  80. Laceysays

    I understand not wanting to buy extra appliances but I am confused as to why you would want to remove the pulp when you’ve already gone through the trouble of blending it,. what is a little pulp if it means that you’re going to truly get all the nutrients you’ve worked for? I actually bought a juicer and returned it because I felt it wasted a lot of of the nutrients and I was just discarding it out of the pulp waste:( I went back to my blender.
    My question is if I really stuck a chunk of ginger in my blender would it be able to lend through that? I’ve put raw vegetables, kale, things like that but softer varieties. I’m curious to see if you end up with a bunch of chunks or if it really purees’ it? Thx

  81. Lynnettesays

    These recipes all are tempting and delicious sounding. I’d probably try the combinations in a saute pan or roasted instead. I got in the habit of snacks and 2/3rd of meals of veggies when I was super sick and now its very much just yummy and my preference. My functional medicine guy mentioned to me recently that he sees people who’ve gotten a little too into juicing and they end up messing up their guts. So I’ve not juiced much. And when I do I miss the pulp.
    Now that I’ve seen these recipes though I think I will try some for the raw benefit. Just now and then :-) Yum!

  82. Susansays

    I have a couple of yogurt cheese strainers that work great for straining nut milks, and, although it takes a while, the strainers are easy to clean and reusable. Would this work for the juices also?

  83. Brookesays

    Thanks for the tips! I just wanted to add to your recommendation for straining-instead of using a mesh strainer you can use cheese cloth or a clean kitchen towel and squeeze the juice out of the blended mixture. This method was much faster and less time consuming!

  84. Alexsays

    This recipe is deeeeelish!! I tried a carrot beet juice from Whole Foods and loved it but it was close to $6 for a small bottle.. So glad I found this awesome recipe to make it on my own. And it tastes just as good (I think better.. The ginger really adds a kick) as the whole foods version!

  85. Allison Walkersays

    This is great! As a Christmas Gift for my husband, I want improve nutrition through juicing (we commonly gift activities), but can’t imagine storing a one-use appliance in our <1000 sf condo. Now I have directions for how to repurpose items that we already own and store! Thank you so much!

  86. Cherylsays

    I have been juicing for several years. I have a juicer (clean up is no problem for me), and I try to experiment with everything including melons, pineapple and all the berries. In the beginning I did not like the earthy taste of the beets, but I found that by just squeezing a little lemon into the juice gets rid of that taste. I love beets now since I have gotten used to the taste. Sometimes I simply put some of the pulp back into the juice or just eat the fruit itself. Juicing keeps me going for hours since I get a burst of energy. By the way, juicing beets with carrots and apples, very good as a liver cleanse. Thanks for the post.

  87. carpal tunnel surgery costsays

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  88. Lindasays

    Whe’ll! :) I have made plenty smoothies. Been looking to buy juicer but don’t really want to. Actually found a GREAT deal today and asked God for direction (also need to watch my pennies) and didn’t buy it.
    A friend just told me you “get more nutrients when using a juicer than a blender”. Now I know otherwise. I did buy my ingredients today -that I don’t normally have – i.e. carrots, celery. ALWAYS have ginger and apples and greens of all kinds.

    Thanks to you I’ll be juicing TOMORROW!!

  89. Margaretsays

    Thank you so much for this!! I have wanted to make my own juice but thought I couldn’t because I couldn’t afford a juicer! This changes everything!!!

  90. Carolesays

    My mom gave us carrot and beet juice every Sunday, doing it the old fashioned way (grating and straining), delicious. she used the pulp to make veggie patties, seasoned of course. I miss those days but I am thankful that there are those who are operating without the modern appliances and this has given me incentive to attempt it. I was searching for an inexpensive way to juice carrots, beets and apples when I happened upon this site. Appreciate all the encouraging comments. I do have a Vitamix (old) a Nutribullet and a blender. Did not want to damage them. Glad to know of the paint strainer etc,

  91. Susan Parkersays

    Last week, I had a stomach bug. After 2 days, and almost going to emergency room, I could only drink lemonade (water, sugar and lemon juice). My stomach still hurt and I felt as if something, may God, telling me to juice carrots and apples.

    I had never juiced carrots and apples. As a matter of fact, I bought a juicer years ago, used it 3 times and put it in the basement. So my husband bought me some carrots and apples and I tried it. It tasted good. But I didn’t do it for the 4 remaining days, and my stomach started hurting again, after trying food. So, I started back with juicing…. and to tell the truth, I feel this is something I can do. It tastes so good. I may eventually try beets (as I am reading about the benefits of carrots and apples and beets.

    What I wanted to say, is that I had some celery ends, onions, carrots in the freezer for broth making – after talking to a friend, she said to add the contents that the juicer catches in the back to all the other ingredients, boil it all down, and then strain it through a small hole colander. Freeze in small cups or ice cube trays for veg. broth to use with cooking or rice or eating the broth when ill. Sound like a great idea, and I will be doing it this weekend, with all my pulp left over from juicing.


  92. Daniel V.says

    I’ve just tried this recipe and I think I added a little bit too much ginger because it was really spicy :)

  93. Tonya Chavissays

    Save the pulp and freeze it. Use it when you make homemade soup (to thicken) or when baking sweet breads. Delicious!!!

  94. Ciarasays

    I made this today! I have an abundance of beets and this put them to perfect use! I used my Vitamix and strained as per your recipe. The color was beautiful and flavor delicious. Thank you :)

  95. Jitkasays

    Hi all, I would like to try to make a juice from a bunch of grapes without a juicer.
    Does it works ? Do you have an experience?
    Thank you for your answer!

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      Never tried grapes but I’m sure it’d be delicious! Let me know how it turns out if you give it a go :D

  96. Hughsays

    Is there anything wrong with leaving the pulp, etc. in and drinking the entire thing the way it comes out of the blender? I’m new to this juicing thing and plead ignorance.

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      Good question – not at all! It’s just that the texture can be offputting if you’re not into thick pulp.

  97. Randisays

    I am a blender juicer! Thanks for the recipe… and great photos, by the way. Heading to the store to by the ingredients to try it.

  98. Nataliesays

    Just tried this as my first attempt at juicing ever! I’m not a big veggie person, but this is surprisingly good, and is soothing my queasy preggo tummy! Thanks!

  99. Sarahsays

    I’d have to get a much more expensive blender for this to work. I made a lovely relish, but that’s about it. I already have a juicer, but was really hoping to not have to haul the danged thing down from its high cabinet home. I’ve been prescribed to drink this juice though, so down come comes the juicer.

  100. Annasays

    I am SO psyched about this! THANK YOU, Minimalist Baker! I got this AWESOME cookbook (i know, so old school… a tangible cookbook), “I Am Grateful,” and I love what I’ve made so far, but the only bad thing about the book is that a lot of recipes call for expensive, unusual ingredients and equipment, like a spiralizer ($10 Julienne peeler) and nut milk bags (piece of cloth), dehydrator (oven on very low for a very long time, I think), and, of course, a juicer.

    Most of that cookbook’s breads actually require some vegetable pulp, left over from making juice. Thanks for your help!

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      So encouraging to hear! I have had the same struggles with other recipes/healthy food methods that involve expensive, hard-to-find equipment and it’s just not my style. Hope this works for you!

  101. Jackie Vettersays

    I make blended salads all the time! I love the Nutribullet! It even blends greens very well! I have had 3 different Ninjas, and the Nutribullet has outworked every single one of them! Very powerful! I highly recommend it! My favorite drink is kale, baby bok choy, zucchini, cucumber, granny smith apple and lemon! I throw in a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt at the end!

    If you are ever in the market for a juicer, my Omega J8004 is amazing! Slow, masticating juicer (which is very important), and very, very easy cleanup! Seriously! :)


  102. Sarah Hsays

    I was looking for ways to extract juice from ginger without a juicer and I see I found it, but I don’t have a thin mesh….would a coffee filter work?

    • Jackie Vettersays

      The ginger is so fibrous you probably couldn’t get any juice through a coffee filter! I just blend mine up totally with the Nutribullet, or grate it with my fine mesh grater!

  103. Juliasays

    Could one instead use a food processor (ancient)? I have an almost equally ancient but sturdy blender somewhere but haven’t been able to find it since our last move.

    Thanks for your insights and some great looking recipes.

  104. Leahsays

    After buying a BlendTec a few months ago, my partner decided I am no longer allowed to purchase kitchen appliances even though I “need” a juicer. I love this method! I just use a fine gold mesh coffee filter to squeeze the pulp, then save the pulp in the freezer for smoothies later on.

    Thank you!

  105. jennifersays

    thank you for posting this! i am excited to juice without having to buy a juicer!! :)

  106. Amandasays

    Here’s what I use to juice with my Vitamix.

    I put about 1/2 cup of water in the bottom of my large mixer container, add the ingredients to liquify, top off with a bit of ice and blend the living daylights out of the stuff!

    I then pour the mixture into the above mentioned bag (while it’s resting inside another container!) and squeeze all the liquid out. I add the pulp to our compost, so no wasted produce!

  107. Bensays

    This is more of a smoothie than juicing, which is also good.
    Juicers will seperate the juice from the pulp, without having to add any liquids or processed juicers. If it’s a good one it will extract it effeciently without wasting much, and should be easy to clean.

    As for the pulp leftovers you can add it to soups or stews for some healthy fibre plus there’s most likely some nutrients left in it. If you have a dehydrator you can make dried fibre patty type things, but yeah it’s realllllllly dry and fibrous.

    You could also make Latkes, which were pretty good actually.

  108. nadia nowsays

    I think this is a great combination for a juice, the only thing I don’t agree is “discard the pulp” (?), it could be part of stuffings or soups or something else with a little imagination… thanks for sharing, I’ll try it soon!

  109. Carrie Psays

    This sounds simply divine! We splurged on a Vitamix for our Christmas gift to each other and my husband has been whole fruit/veggie juicing for months now but I haven’t found something that just sounds good. This – along with the bright red color – makes me want to run right to the kitchen and try.

  110. Laurensays

    Juicers ARE a pain to clean, so (even though I own one) this method is very appealing. Your juice combo sounds delicious! I can only stomach beets in juice. When I was a kid, I’d associate them with blood, so I think I have a bit of a hang-up with them now. :-)

  111. Katiesays

    Try a kale smoothie! 1 c kale, 1/2 c parsley, 1/2 banana, 5 strawberries, 1 c water (lemonade or apple juice work too), dash of lime, ginger and honey to taste. This is my favorite super food smoothie to blend. You don’t even have to strain it. Win. And if you add some chia seeds, you feel like a super hero for the rest of the day!

  112. Andreasays

    I have a juicer, but I actually prefer your method — we’ve been juicing our morning green juice this exact way for the past 2 months. It is so much easier than the juicer. Our favorite juice is: celery, kale, dandilion greens, parsley, ginger, lemon, apple, and coconut water.

  113. Tryshasays

    Yup, pretty sure I’m getting that photo of beets tattooed on my body. Perfection!

    (also, I love juicing. I juice with a Hurom Slow Juicer. To me, it’s totally worth the counter space.)

  114. kristin a.says

    This is awesome. I’ve been wanting to do some juicing, but I’ve been put off by the cost and space-hogging issues of a separate juicer. Can’t wait to try this recipe tomorrow morning.

  115. Courtney Westsays

    I have a compact juicer but this way seems a bit easier to clean up! My favorite juices:

    -grapefruit + carrot + ginger
    -spinach (or kale) + apple + lemon + ginger
    -pineapple + kale + a bit of coconut water

  116. autumnsays

    I saw a similar tutorial on choosing raw and was so excited! But, I love that yours includes beets too. I really want to try this :)

  117. Jesssays

    This is such a great idea, Dana! This juice looks just as pretty as the authentic juicer-made variety. I can’t wait to try it – there’s definitely no room for a juicer in my tiny kitchen!

    (I recently started buying beet and passion fruit juice and I’m totally hooked, but beet and ginger together – love it.)

  118. Juliesays

    Very good article. I would prefer beet juice. It is not easy to make but really delicious and healthy.

  119. Laurasays

    I love this idea! I was just commenting to my husband last week how I would love to be able to juice, except I have no intention of buying a juicer.
    I tried your idea on a fruit juice and it worked great. However, I attempted starting your recipe tonight and got stuck. My blender usually works great on frozen foods, etc, but it will not blend the carrots and it’s pretty much stuck with just the beets in it. How did you blend everything up? Did you cut up the carrots really small??

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      Nope! I just quartered things and put the carrots in in chunks. It’s probably just the blender type. I didn’t realize some couldn’t handle produce. So sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  120. Hannahsays

    Love this! I definitely rely on my blender daily for my smoothies – no reason to shell out extra cash for another device that does basically the same thing! Those smoothies look amazing!

  121. Disays

    I’m all for minimal kitchen equipment. Just curious but what blender do you use? I need a new one and I think my blender would die if I tried to blend beets.

    • Dana @ Minimalist Bakersays

      Good question! We use a GE blender that I got forever ago and can’t seem to find the direct link to on Amazon. This is the closest model though. Mine, however, is about to die because I’ve used it every week for about 7 years. Looking into a Ninja next since it’s such a heavily-used appliance for us.

      • Wynn Przybyciensays

        I’ve had my three Ninja’s for 2 years now. They are all different sizes. The littlest one works perfect for my morning breakfast smoothie. The large one holds a double batch of oatmeal pancakes and is also how I grind my oats into oat flour. I even bought ours refurbished from WOOT.com and got a great deal. I would highly recommend it.

  122. Amanda @ Once Upon a Recipesays

    Dana, I could seriously kiss you for this…I have been toying with the idea of buying a juicer for. ever. but have been unable to justify the cost or the space it will take up in my kitchen. I can’t wait to try this method!

  123. Athenasays

    HOLY GUACAMOLE’!!Where did all of that sugar come from in your recipe?!! I’m thinking it should be closer to maybe 8 calores per serving…wooo!

  124. [email protected], pleasure, and healthsays

    this is a smart idea – although i purchased a juicer while back but cleaning it is a pain and takes up room in kitchen. I love the combo of carrots, celery and apples and ginger too.
    you guys are awesome!

  125. Alexis @ Hummusapiensays

    This is great! I can’t get over that fabulous ruby red color–it just screams healthy. I like the idea of adding apple juice to get it going, too. Marvelous pictures, as always!

  126. Deanna Usays

    This looks delicious! We have a juicer, so no need to strain here. I agree, the kick that ginger gives is great, but don’t over do it!

  127. Angelasays

    I recently started doing this too and it’s amazing! I don’t do it often because I hate throwing out the pulp, but it works great when I crave a juice and don’t want to fork over money for one. I use a paint straining bag (because I was staining my almond pulp bag…oops), but have also had it work nicely with a sieve too. I’m with you on not wanting another appliance! My poor counters are already covered with crap. hah.

    • Genevievesays

      I hate wasting the pulp. Fortunately we donthe compost all our kitchen scraps as we have our own little vegetable garden . So no wastage there. :-)

  128. carole-annsays

    I love beet/carrot/apple/ginger juice! I love the spicy mixed with the sweet. I used to make my juice in a blender and I didn’t even strain it, I would just drink it thick like a smoothie. My boyfriend has loaned me his juicer and I have to admit I’m pretty in love with it. I don’t mind the cleaning- I just rinse it right away with hot water before I even take a sip of juice and then it’s done!

  129. Julie @ Harvest Moon Kitchensays

    YES! This is just what I needed to read this morning! I just got a nice-ish blender that can handle veggies but all the recipes out there were making me crave juicing. I think I just heard an angelic choir… Thank you, thank you!

  130. McKenna Ryansays

    I have never actually tried juicing. I have been thinking of trying it out though. xx. McKenna Lou

  131. Stephanie @ Girl Versus Doughsays

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU for this post, because I’ve always wanted to jump on the juice bandwagon but I, too, am sans-juicer. Going to try this yummy recipe immediately in my blender! :)

  132. Lindsaysays

    This is a great idea. I’ve seen a few different bloggers do this and have been meaning to try it. I even saw a few ladies use the leftover pulp for bread. Great idea to reduce the waste.

  133. Lisasays

    Great juicing tip! The funny thing is that I have made fruit pureés this way, but never thought of juicing this way. The beet makes the colour simply divine!

  134. Ashleysays

    Your method is probably easier, because a blender + strainer are easier to clean than a juicer! :) Although, I’m weird and don’t mind cleaning my juicer (I have the $99 compact breville). My go to is: 1 green apple, 1/2 lemon, 2-3 carrots, 1 cucumber, knob of ginger…sometimes with 1/2 head of kale thrown in. Minus adding kale, it’s a pretty economical juice and I’ll usually drink half and jar half then sip on it the rest of the day when I’m hungry. Totally works! Thanks for the shout! :) xoxo

  135. Mariamsays

    Genius! My parents bought a juicer like 6 years ago and in the begging we were juicing like crazy but then we just got over it. It was just another kitchen appliance we didn’t have room for and it was e biggest pain to wash up! A few weeks ago I took it out from the back because its clearly popular of late and then I realised the top went missing! So now I will try this method and to me it seems so much easier! Thank you! Btw do you throw out the pulp? it seems like such a waste to get rid of all the fibre!

    • Ericasays

      I am only an avid juicer in my dreams but I have used at least the carrot pulp in muffins. The fiber retains moisture in the quick bread makes it really nice. Also, using all those “lost” nutrients in baking is a great way to keep waste down.

  136. Wynn Przybyciensays

    Thank you for sharing this. We’ve been wanting to try juicing but money and space have stopped up. I can’t wait to try this. I have to say I wouldn’t throw out that highly nutritious pulp. I have three kids and one really picky eater. Just last weekend I had tried to make a beet, blueberry smoothie and it wasn’t coming out right. I tossed it in the fridge to use later because I had to get out the door. The next night breakfast for dinner sounded good and easy so I used the smoothie gone wrong as the liquid for my oatmeal pancakes and we had “purple pancakes” that my kids loved! One other “treat” they can’t get enough of is our homemade “ice cream” made from 1/2 an avocado, 1 frozen banana and about 3/4 cup almond milk. It’s a nice soft serve consistency they can eat with a spoon or we freeze in molds. I like it for my on the go breakfast.

  137. Tieghansays

    Ok, I love this juice and I love it even more since I do not need a juicer to make it!!! What an awesome and informative post!!! Very excited to try my first juice!

  138. thelittleloafsays

    I’ve never bought a juicer as it feels like a big commitment – now I don’t need to! Awesome recipe :-)

  139. Averie @ Averie Cookssays

    This is my fave juice in the whole wide world! Apples, carrots, beets, ginger!! YES!!! When I did my juice cleanse last month, this was the juice I looked forward to most every day and have always loved this combo, for years!

    Love that you’re juicing in the blender. I hear juicers are a headache to clean after using = YES THEY ARE. Horribly. Which is why I hardly juice!

    • Inezsays

      I received a juicer for Xmas and used it once, took a good 15 minutes just to clean the extractor than another 10-15 to clean the cover and the pulp bin. Needless to say it went back.
      Going to try the Food Processor, looks like it’s going to be good. Would love to see more recipes for the processor.

  140. Ellen M. Greggsays

    This is brilliant! I’m a minimalist, and so extraneous appliances, or anything, are not an option – even if my budget would allow it, which it won’t. I had a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment reading this. Can’t wait to try this juice! :-)

    • Lisasays

      I started to do this till I decide to get a juicer. All is well without it! I use a regular blender and I use a $2 1 gallon paint strainer from Home Depot. 2 in a pack. You just squeeze the juice in a pitcher. LOTS of juice. I’m here because i haven’t tried beets yet and wanted to read if i use the greens or not :)

      • Robinsays


        I’ve heard of people using paint strainers for juicing. How many times can you re-use a bag how do you clean it? Thanks :)


      • Daynasays

        I would totally use the greens. Beet greens are really dark green and wonderful. Every juicing , health food book or other site I have read up on says beet greens are some of the best greens. :)

          • dianasays


      • Mabel Lefflersays

        I have not done the Juice side of all this but I grew up my intire life on nothing much more than straight greens boiled as well as fried or sauteaed ,,,beet greens in any manor are really good for a person ,,,,I grew up on Mustard Green, Colara Greens, Beet Greens, Carret Greens, Dandalion Greens MMyumy,,, mix these all together for a teriffc health meal,,,

  141. Elisabethsays

    I love this! I am all about NOT buying random kitchen equipment. I wish I had realized that I could make juice without a juicer about 8 weeks ago. During Lent I did a detox diet and my sister did all my juicing for me which was nice, but I probably would have had more juice if I could do it myself.

    Another combo to try: celery, strawberry, carrot. It looks like sherbert and is wonderful mixed with LeCroix for a luncheon beverage.

    • Beverlysays

      How much of each veg. do you use. Celery, Strawberries and carrots. and how often do you need to drink it. Thank you

      • Elisabethsays

        I am not really sure at this point as it was over a year ago that my sister made this juice for me. Something probably like a handful of strawberries, a carrot or two, and some celery. I think we did it by taste. As to how often to drink it that’s completely up to you!

    • Tarasays


      I’m brand new to juicing as I used to think that with smoothies, I benefited from all of the fibre and all of the nutrients–not knowing that fibre blocks the absorption of many of the nutrients. While I love this juice recipe–so beautiful to look at as well as being absolutely delicious–I wonder what I could do with the leftover pulp. It feels a bit wasteful to just chuck it, but I’m not sure how I could incorporate it into other healthy and delicious recipes. Any suggestions?

      Thank you,

      • jwsays

        Tara, I have felt the same way. Try googling “vegetable pulp burgers.” I’ve recently heard of restaurants using their leftover juice pulp to make veggie burgers! Of course, there would be additional ingredients, but might be tasty? And fibrous? :-) Good luck.

        • Tarasays


          Thanks for the tip! I have since found numerous delicious ways to use juice pulp including making pet treats, veggie patties, sauce thickeners, meatless meatloaf and vegan tortiere fillings:) My understanding has been that in many cases, the peel of fruits and vegetables are both fibrous and nutrient rich so I’m happy to have options for making the most of that while minimizing waste.

        • taniasays

          I just made the beet N carrot,but what I did was boiled them,and them blend with same water after it cools,then use a little cinnamon N ginger N honey for taste..

          • Healthy88says

            Boiling them kills most of the nutrients so all ingredients should always be fresh just the way nature intended it for us :)

          • Elainesays

            I am not going to argue about the boiling but some hard vegetables like carrots and kale need to be blanched to release the vitamins. I use them fresh from my garden and it makes an amazing drink and I would compost the pulp if there were any left :) But there is not because with fresh garden carrots you do not need to peal your carrots. I also add a little fresh squeezed orange juice (about 8 oz.) to the carrots and kale. Yummy!

      • Jackiesays

        What i do with the left over pulp is mix it in my muffin mix. So I am not wasting any of the fruit.

      • Cazsays

        Using a NutriBullet eliminates the pulp problem. There’s no wastage & you get all the goodness?