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At Minimalist Baker we share simple recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.

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Whether you’re new to Minimalist Baker or have been around for a while, we’re so glad you’re here.

All of our recipes fall into at least one of these three simple categories:

  • 10 Ingredients or Less
  • 1 -Bowl
  • 30 Minutes or Less to Prepare

Expect new recipes weekly, with a mix of savory and sweet including desserts, breakfasts, entrées, sides, snacks, and more (find all recipes here). When you make one of our recipes we want you to say, “How was it that simple but still tastes that good?!”

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Dietary Needs

In the past, we’ve shared many plant-based recipes. And as our team grows, you’ll see our recipes represent more dietary preferences, tastes, and needs. We still love creating plant-based recipes that are nourishing, simple, and delicious. And now some will feature meat or eggs. We also love making classic desserts and baked goods into undetectably gluten-free versions!

*We don’t count water or “optional” ingredients toward the 10 ingredient count. And we typically count “salt and pepper” as one ingredient.

Does "Baker" Mean Only Dessert?

While there’s always been a love for sweet things, Minimalist Baker is about much more. We love our hearty entrées as much as we love our decadent desserts. Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, we hope you’ll find something you love here. Find all of our recipes here.

Cooking Resources

Check out our Shop to see what’s in our kitchen and pantry. And be sure to check out our fuss-free cooking resources like Juicing Without a Juicer, No-Churn Ice Cream, and Sushi Without a Mat.

Have a question about a recipe? check out our Recipe FAQ!

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If you’re hungry for more, check out what else we’ve created:

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A FREE 49-page guide with 20 of our most loved, highly rated recipes, including breakfast, entrées, desserts, and more!

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Blogger Resources

Helpful tutorials and guides on starting and running a successful food blog.


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We feel that it’s important to mention we don’t accept free products or do sponsored content on Minimalist Baker. This is because we value our readers’ trust above all and aim to keep our content pure and honest.

While we have worked with brands we love in the past, it’s something we’ve chosen not to practice moving forward. We want our audience to know we aren’t being paid to say or promote anything – period. Every new post is original, valuable, and unsponsored.

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It all started in 2012 with a simple idea to make home cooking more approachable, and has since evolved into something much bigger! While Dana still leads creative vision and John manages all things technical and business-related, we are now a small team of people working to make Minimalist Baker a destination for simple, delicious recipes.

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